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Jika diurutkan, Maotsujun berada di posisi pertama dan Yamaki di posisi kedua.Padahal, pairing dalam dorama lainnya juga memiliki chemistry yang baik namun, kedua pairing tersebut lah yang benar2 menyita perhatian.Nishikido and Aragaki starred together in Fuji TV’s “Zenkai Girl” last 2011.

Despite her boyishness, Horikita looked up to her mother.

Her promising portrayal of the titular character in Nobuta wo Produce won her a Best Supporting Actress award from Japan's Television Academy Awards.

It was also around this time that she won the Newcomer Award from Japan Academy Awards for her role as a student apprentice in Always: Sunset on Third Street.

In the following year, she won her second Best Supporting Actress award for her role in Kurosagi.

Months later, she was given the lead role for Teppan Shoujo Akane and the role of a bully who is behind a class rebellion in Seito Shokun!

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Episode 1 took in 16.3% when nowadays anything over 10% is a promising start, and is nearly the same as the first and second seasons which also averaged around 16% ratings but that was back then when doramas were still doing better overall. I thoroughly enjoyed the nostalgia back entertainment of episode 1 and can’t wait for more, it’s got all the angst of trying to save lives and the requisite topless Yamapi scene, lol.

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