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You can class it up with cocktails or a nice bottle of wine. cocktails are fine and good, especially in dimly lit bars with suspendered bartenders that use ingredients like “elderflower.” We all love the charming “small batch” lifestyle as much as the next hipster, but don’t underestimate the power of PBRs and cheap bar games like darts or pinball.If I’m in jeans, chances are I’m instantly comfortable. Since we live in an age where somehow everything seems to taste better from a truck, this has become an awesome date idea. Women aren’t that complicated (except for in the bedroom, where we are freaking enigmas and kudos to the ones who have figured us out).

It’s such a breath of fresh air to get time with my hubby away from my kiddos.It’s still fun to actually leave our house for a date night, but when we can’t, we don’t let it stop us from spending quality time together. Because you are staying home, it’s so easy to fall into the ‘normal’ routine of any other night. Pretend you are out on the town and act like you would at a nice restaurant. This may seem so obvious, but you would be surprised with how easy it is to continue to put off doing the date if there isn’t some sort of commitment to making it happen on a certain night AND having a time set for it to start.When you plan ahead of time, it gets you out of that ‘normalcy’ rut and into having something special to look forward to for the night. Don’t let the fact that you are home stop you from making the most out of your night. If you are planning on dinner, make it a candlelight dinner. Setting a date and time is an essential part to making date nights at home successful. It’s not enough just to plan for the night, you actually need to set things up for the night so it’s ready for the date to start.Offering to cook for her -- or cooking together -- is simple, easy, and shows a lot of effort.If neither of you has any ability in the kitchen, takeout is perfectly fine.

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