Aba versus teacch the case for defining and validating

Results: There was no significant difference in ATEC score between the three groups at the base line.

Keywords Social validation xpert validation ABA vs. 166]) have been broadly disseminated (e.g., J Autism Dev Disord (2010) 40: National Research Council 2001; Odom et al. The National Research Council s seminal review, for example, examined only 10 representative models, although more recent efforts have identified and systematically evaluated additional CTMs or their individual components (e.g., ikeseth 2009; Odom et al. Two program models in particular, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Treatment and ducation of Autistic and related Communication handicapped Children (TA- CCH), are among the most widely known comprehensive intervention models (Gresham et al. Both of these treatment models feature several decades of development and use with students with autism (e.g., Mesibov et al.

Additionally, each of these interventions utilizes an individualized treatment program that is specific to the child’s strengths and weaknesses.

TEACCH employs the established treatment method of scheduling, which “involve the presentation of a task list that communicates a series of activities or steps required to complete a specific activity.”Currently, there are few studies that compare one autism treatment intervention to another, however, many that look at effectiveness of the individual treatment itself.

TACCH Autism treatment model Introduction Throughout the history of education, the adoption of instructional programs and practices has been driven more by ideology, faddism, politics, and marketing than by evidence (Slavin 2008, p. 2006; Lovaas 1987), robust national training networks (ABA is associated with national certification programs at the bachelor s and master s degree levels), and prominent attention both within the popular media and university teacher preparation and research communities.

Although special educators and other public school-based autism service providers in the US have been mandated by law to adopt and deliver instructional programs based on research evidence (Horner et al. 2005, 2006), the extent to which this is broadly practiced is uncertain.

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