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The first-ever paparazzi photos turned the world of K-pop upside down and introduced sort of a puzzle …

I thought that my speakers were broken or the sound was too quiet so I turned them up all the way, only to be startled by the deafening and piercing sound when I realized that the beginning was actually MEANT to have no sound.

Put it this way, I have a very hard time finding other g.o.d fans. I don’t really pay much attention to SHINHWA but I am favorably biased to all the others, so that may conflict with how I see things.

SES did come back, but I felt like they were swept way under the rug. I understand that you may not know much about Shinhwa, so I’m going to fill you in on that.

The overall amount that he donated to this charity totals 150 million won (approximately 4,000).

Kim Dong Wan said, “I thought about what group of people need help but don’t get much support, and single mothers and their children came to my mind first.

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