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Her mother is a raging alcoholic and about a hundred pounds overweight. She said she didn’t tell me because she didn’t want to upset me. After dating this girl for over a year, I finally met her parents. The person you’re dating is obviously the person she is. Welcome back to Paris in 30 Days’ conversation series.In today’s entry, French GQ sex columnist Maïa Mazaurette teaches New York sex columnist Maureen O’Connor about the French way of sex.At age 25, Mazaurette abandoned a career in TV journalism to become Paris’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw.Ten years later, she divides her time between Paris and Copenhagen.

It won’t talk back to you, and it’s tucked away and only comes out when you need it.

While we grow up thinking about love in black and white, they grow up inscrutably grey.

As post 50s swell the ranks of the online dating market looking for love, this French flower metaphor takes on new luster that merits reflection.

I just found out that the girl I’ve been dating for the past six months is a stripper. If it bothers you that much, maybe you should have been upfront about your insecurities right away. If she maintains a healthy lifestyle, then I don’t really see what the issue is.

Is it wrong to date someone French just because her accent is a turn-on? I’d also be bothered that she wasn’t being responsible for her sexual health. Why don’t you make an effort to learn more about what she does? Eventually, I want to move back to my home country, but she has no interest in even visiting.

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