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We tried to configure the servers to prevent deep linking of files, but it degraded their performance so much that we couldn't make it work at the time.Despite the site running like complete crap, artists continued to submit their Flash. :) January The first of several Flash Fables appeared and quickly became one of the favorite submissions on the site.Each morning you can choose what type of training each girl will do (running, gym or swimming).Each girl has four parameters, the main ones are power and endurance. At noon you can decide what you want to do (earn money, talk to the doctor, go to the shops, etc).

You’ll spend hours playing this one and if you love naked babes in RPG’s then here you go!Inside one such nest, the flatmate of bae’s childhood buddy is telling me about a guy – – was a bird.Supposedly this guy made a pretty convincing case for being a bird – that is, if you’re easily convinced.Trouble is, the point of , doesn’t really seem to be racking up conquests. Some people might have suspected this, but degenerates like me really need this to be signposted.A disclaimer or a written warning in the opening credits would have sufficed: ‘Please Do Not Fuck The Birds’.

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