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The girls made their initial appearance in court on Monday, June 2nd.

"Very adult consequences of the actions alleged in this case," a Waukesha County Court Commissioner said Monday.

The two 12-year-old girls are accused of plotting their friend's murder for months -- and attempting to kill her this weekend.

"Based on our investigation, it is believed that the suspects had planned to kill the victim for several months.

But with a new wave of privately run madrasas - or religious schools - being opened across the country, there is a growing feeling among women's rights groups that these freedoms are again under threat.

#(removed comment) and #(removed comment) you religious people are so messed up ... Stop refering to god, allah, jesus or any other bearded dude each time something happen. And you have no more the right to bash a belief than they are allowed to promote it.

I personally strongly believe in the flying spaghetti monster. I also believe she has heard before because people who were born deaf have no knowledge of language. #(removed comment) Thank you for your informative post.....until today I never realise that DOG ( sorry....

I wanted to know all about Eve.“Our grandmother Eve?

” asked Abdullah Hejazi, my boyish-looking guide in Old Jidda.

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