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It was enough to inspire optimism in the sourest of Liz Lemon-ites.

Stumble into one of their Christmas celebrations, for example, and it might take a notepad and a flow chart to figure out all of the associations of those engaging in the storytelling, gingerbread house construction, and games. Their cases were open adoptions and they come from different birth parents.

The open part of the adoption means that the children and their birth parents -- those who so wished -- have remained in touch, celebrate holidays together and become a regular part of the family in an extended way. I always liked that about her." He is her opposite in that regard.

That also goes for grandparents, adoptive and otherwise, as well as half-siblings who might arrive later (several have) and other relatives who want to be included. "To my own chagrin," he self-describes, "I am more serious than you want to be." When she decided to go to Kansas State University, he decided to go there, too.

"You've got to help me find it," she tells the bouncer. All my money got stolen, and I haven't had a clock since my Tamagotchi died." That was the trouble with those digital pets introduced in 1996 — you had to remember to feed them! Brainy Cranes After Jacqueline announces that her husband is flying in from London for a birthday party, Kimmy replies, "That was the fanciest sentence I've ever heard! Cassette the tone Titus tells Kimmy, "I can't exactly quit my job, I've still got bills to pay.

If I stop paying Columbia House, I stop getting my tapes." (During a later episode, the pair excitedly await the arrival of the "Rain Man" soundtrack on cassette.) 6.

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