Updating xml file using java

XPath is used to navigate through elements and attributes in an XML document.You can also use XPath to traverse through an XML file in Java.So here is what we are going to do:package com.core; import We can add elements, remove elements, edit element values, edit attributes in an XML document in java using DOM Parser. We will learn how to modify or edit this XML file in java program using DOM parser. Unlike element nodes, attribute nodes have text values.

If it's not found, the method returns without doing anything.XPath is a language for finding information in an XML file.You can say that XPath is (sort of) SQL for XML files.This can be done using the set Attribute() method or setting the node Value property of the attribute node.I have been doing a lot of XML parsing, and manipulation in java lately because I'm building a super dynamic configuration editor for XMS.

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